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SOLD! Emminence Cottages and Camp

MHP Brokerage

Dec 12, 2023

SOLD! 🐎 Timothy Dougan and Gina May Nestande of MHP Brokerage, in conjunction with designated MO broker Jennifer Stein Real Estate, Inc., are pleased to announce the Emminence Cottages and Camp sale in Emminence, MO. A huge congrats to Gina May Nestande for closing her first commercial real estate transaction within four months of joining the team; now, that is what we call More Horse Power! Congratulations to all parties involved.

Eminence Cottages and Camp is in the center of Missouri's largest national park; The Ozark National Scenic Riverways. We invite you to enjoy river fishing and canoeing, hiking and biking the famous Ozark Trail, abundant wildlife viewing, spring hopping, and auto tours.

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